What are green roofs?

Going green has become a trend in a big way, with the world reaching population capacity and resources beginning to dwindle. There are hundreds of ways to go green, and one of them is installing a green roof.

Green roofs are simple to understand – they are roofs or buildings that have been partially or completely covered in grass or vegetation and a growing medium. To ensure the durability of the roof or building, the vegetation and growing medium must be placed over a waterproofing membrane. Some green roofs include additional layers such as root barriers, drainage systems, irrigation systems and even rooftop ponds to treat greywater.

Why should you install a green roof?

The environmental advantages of installing or building a green roof are significant. These stunning emerald creations act as natural habitat creation for local wildlife, are effective at reducing the cooling loads on a building – a concentration of green roofs in a city has shown to reduce the overall temperature in the vicinity by evaporative cooling, can significantly filter pollution out of the air – the environmental benefits are countless!

While many people do install green roofs for these purposes, there are also economic reasons why you should install a green roof. You can read about the benefits of Green roofs hereThey are highly energy-efficient, as they are cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which reduces the need for electrical cooling and heating devices – in turn reducing household bills. The roof membrane is protected from harsh weather and UV radiation, which means that a green roof can last significantly longer than a traditional roof.

Another noteworthy effect of installing green roofs is that they are able to alleviate the urban heat island effect which is found primarily in large cities. The urban heat island effect refers to the higher temperatures found in urban areas when compared to rural areas, due to the increase of human activity.

Green roofs provide a plethora of benefits, from offering a serene and unique place for office workers to gather or a nesting spot for local wildlife, so building one is a serious option to consider when deciding to join the green movement!